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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 20-22, San Antonio, TX

After 10 months of intense online sparring, AM and ME finally met head to head this week in San Antonio, TX.

Known for their constant battling,  the two 5’2″, 100-110 lb contenders entered the ring, taking spectators by surprise with their prowess and endurance.  When no clear winner emerged, AM and ME ended the fight in the biggest draw in Lucha Libre history. Standing hand in hand, they unapologetically declared their official tag-team status as Escobar-Morales.

Who or what will Escobar-Morales take on next? THE WORLD AWAITS.

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One Comment

  1. Paul
    Posted 22 Apr ’11 at 9:36 pm | #

    I love to visit where are you in SA I won’t tell I’m a fan with a hunch
    just to know.