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Marimbas, Chapinkinis, Elotes and ME

I can’t believe it, I am finally moving back home to Chicago!  And as cliché as it may be, there are so many things I need to do, people to see, and places to go.

One of the top destinations on my list is Humboldt Park.

Now AM, you might be wondering what a little chapina like myself will be doing roaming the streets of Boricuaville. I’ll  be searching for a Chapinkini, thats what!

Chapinkini if you don’t know, is a Guatemalan Flag Bikini.  This term was coined by poet and performance artist extraordinaire Maya Chinchilla in response to a Facebook post where I asked if anyone knew where I could find a bandera bikini. Thus far my search has been fruitless. But I have full faith that if Chapinkinis do in fact exist, I will be able to find one in Humboldt Park.

As for Elotes?  Well, you already know about my obsession with Mexican Corn. But I’ll tell you one thing, a los Chicagüenses les encanta comer elotes!

And Marimbas? My little brother and I used to belong to the Chicago-based Marimba ensemble Oxib K’ajau. Unfortunately our participation in the group was short-lived, as my brother was… lets just say he wasn’t the biggest fan of practicing… and practice is ESSENTIAL to playing the marimba.

I am hoping that once I return to Chicago, I will have the opportunity of playing the marimba again.


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