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Taking it to Texas

A few months ago my awesome Aunt B, the reigning Pop Culture Queen, suggested that AM and I present Are You My Other? at the 2011 National Popular Culture Conference in San Antonio Texas.  We loved the idea, but weren’t sure if we should submit to the Internet Culture section or the Latin Americans & Latinos: Identity Issues & Cultural Stereotypes section. So we posed the question on Facebook, asking for feedback. The communal concensus was the Latin Americans & Latinos section.

With this in mind, we embarked upon or first collaborative writing endeavor and created the following statement:

Negotiating Latina Identity through Performance Art on the Web
with Maya Escobar and Andria Morales

Challenging mainstream and academic representations of Latina identity, performance artists Maya Escobar and Andria Morales publicly negate, deconstruct, and reconstruct their individual histories, identities, and conceptions of self. In their current project Are You My Other? a self-portrait dialog exchange blog, Escobar and Morales draw from popular culture, Latino/a cultural iconography, and their lived experiences to create and virtually perform conflicting representations of Latina selves. From devoted homemaker to hockey player, reggaetonera to construction worker, conceptual artist to human corn on the cob, the artists model the multiplicity of identity.

Due to their shared physical similarities, followers of their online exchange often mistake Escobar and Morales for one another. The merging of their identities is further perpetuated through their activities on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By locating these performances within the space of the web, where they are free from restrictions of time and place, the artists are able to concurrently enact multiple personas while simultaneously forming a unified (Latina) hybrid self.

And… (drum roll please)… we were accepted!

Now we have to launch a massive fundraising campaign in order to get to Texas.  We will be offering all sorts of Are You My Other? goodies in exchange for donations, including postcards, patches, t-shirts, and our personal favorite: we will photoshop you into any image your heart desires!



visit this link to help send  AM & ME to Texas: areyoumyother.com/taking-it-to-texas

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