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AM, you may be wondering why there are so many MEs on one stage…  Well, remember when you couldn’t make to the block party because of all the things going on in your head?

It’s kind of like that, except this time I can’t miss the party.

I just started a new job, a new beginning, a new future…


I have to be present, professional, driven, organized, creative, nurturing, strong-willed, and of course, I have to be ME.

I know I can be all of these things.  I know I AM all of these things.

And you know what has prepared me the most?  Being so in touch with myself and my other.




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One Comment

  1. doris
    Posted 12 Apr ’11 at 4:23 pm | #

    Congratulations! What is the job? Best of luck on your new adventures!