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I AM Longing to be Someplace Warm

Dear ME,

I’m glad you’ve finally gotten to move back to your native Chicago.  This year, I’ll have lived in Philly for 11 years- that’s just as long as I lived in Queens before my mom moved us to Long Island.  For a long time I’ve wondered if I’ll ever get to move back to New York.  After all, it’s where I’m from, and it just so happens to be what many consider the epicenter of the American art world. Then again, why would I leave?  I’ve got work, and affordable live/work space just down the road from Philadelphia’s Centro de Oro.

Still, after last night’s #thundersnow storm and my mile hike through a foot of slush to get to the El, I find myself longing for points South.  PUUUERRRTO RRRRIIICO… my heart’s devotion… [please] let it [never] sink back the ocean! Presuming we recover the costs of flying to San Antonio and my weekly meetings in Jersey City, what do you say we set our sights on a residency in my motherland?  I’ve had my eye on Area Lugar de Proyectos for some time now.  Know anybody who could help us secure a spot?

xo AM

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  1. Posted 27 Jan ’11 at 7:27 pm | #

    fer reals… we’d love to show at Area Lugar de Proyectos if anyone has connections pls hook it up!!
    ME recently posted..el es frida kahlo in RENACIMIENTO